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2011 & Owning it
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You know what they say about how you start your year predicts how you'll spend the entire 365 days of it? Well, if that's true, boy, I'm in serious trouble! I slept in half of the day due to ushering in the new year but let's revise it a little to a much stronger perspective.

I say, declare what you want during the entire year and claim it. From spending a lot of firsts during the 1st of January, I am looking forward to tons load of more firsts to learn, work on and go to. I'm ready to grasp all the learning curve, surprise myself and give myself an extra push.

Funny how I traced back on my bucket list for 2010 and all that I declared was this : " This year is all about races and save up for more traveling bliss" and yes, 2010 brought me to tons of races and got me run for a cause. You'll be able to read about my running journey through The Flexitarian Runaholic Diary

" Nothing is impossible, only extreme difficulties"

Meanwhile here are few things I'd want to accomplish or visit this year:

Have my own business (KAS Events Management & Media Relations / PR Firm) be full functional
Legalize my business for Sole-Proprietorship
Whip up another "Goods" business (
Publish a Magazine FTW Magazine
Host more Events
Host/ Execute a Fun Run  (Team Reebok Run on August 6,2011)
Sponsor a Fun Run (Run 4 Life)
Execute Events (pocket or on-site) - Philippine Wacoal, Qplus, Wellness Program
Be featured on TV again  (Twestival , Best Men) 
Vegetarian (No red meat, no chicken)
Advocate RAW
Lose 5 - 10 lbs , next 5 ( 15 more! )
Stick to training
Regular Yoga (Vinyasa, Yin ) and do a non-modified chaturanga asanas strong and proud!
30 Days Challenge Bikram Yoga
4x4 Plana Forma Challenge
Attend a Yoga or meditation retreat
Meet & Greet Yoga Guru Bikram Choudhury in FLESH!
Swimming lessons (I need to relearn and practice the other strokes and grasp techniques)
Focus on fun runs (3k, 5k, 10k, 15k)
5k for 35 minutes , 30 minutes, 25 minutes
Run for a cause, 21k ( Condura , Run 4 Globe, National Geographic ) - no marathon this year
Save $200 - $400 - $450 $600
Save Php 50,000 ( aim for 100!) Next 100, 100, Let's do this!
Have my hair grow longer and curl it, again.
Help more people - Execute an outreach with friends (Donnie's Birthday)
Help lead a great cause fun run  (Visayan Forum Foundation: RAT Race)
Volunteer for The Bull Runner Dream Marathoner as Pacer (Thanks Jaymie for making me the Tent Manager with Reylynne) 
Participate in a Charity Program - ( World Vision, Orange Magazine TV, KIDS Foundation )
Teach again (Informatics)
Transfer back to my old room
Paint my walls (including the doors of the house)
Produce something amazing -- Fitness DVD ( Thank you Philippine Wacoal & Ballet Philippines )
Read more often, just like old times or even more. I saw my old book's list - that's a start. 
Blog for 365 documentation ( aside from the Running Blog (
My OWN Car
LV Damier Azure
Buy my own Printer (Aha! It serves as a  Scanner/Photocopier too!)
Renew my passport
Renew my US Visa
Radio Segment  (Mellow 947) TV Program (GMA News TV Best Men, Sapul sa 5)
Write, Just Write.
Be Featured in a Magazine (Asian Travel, Cebu Pacific Inflight Magazine)
Write for a Glossy Magazine ( Total Fitness )
Have my column in the daily broadsheet back   ( Business Mirror )

Travel and write about the regions and provinces I visit.

Negros Occidental,Bacolod
Davao (2nd time)
Sagada, Baguio
Busuanga, Palawan
Las Casas, Bataan
Subic, Clark ( Hot Air Balloon)

365 days of Change. Be a change maker :)

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Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

Glad to know :)

what is your email address?

Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.

Thank you for dropping by my page.

What I usually update is and

Have you thought and revisited your 2011 bucket list?

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