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2012 & Owning it!
ducky food
If it wasn't because of this blog, I don't think I'll be able to align myself back to my goals. It has proven its effectivity therefore I will be posting this year's goals and resolutions including few other things that I've delayed and needs work done. 

From last year's bucket list, I will strive to carry it over to this year.

Whip up a Goods Business
Masters Degree
Training: Swimming
Yoga Retreat
Read Often
Blog More about movies I've seen, food I've had and books I've read; randomly.

The new ones are the following:

Continuously work on FTW Magazine
Contribute more often for Business Mirror / Total Fitness (Daily bulletins and other Glossy)
Get back into running
Lose 15 lbs 
Save Php 100,000
Save $1608
Oven  (Get to cook/bake again)  - I have to learn how to make that family tiramisu recipe & Paella.
Roll-up Curtains for my room
Room Make-over
Maybe a flat screen or LED TV 
xbox kinect
Drive MT (Jan 13, 2011)
Tv segment / Ad

Ultimate Goal: Condominium or a House, and a SUV

Looking forward to a bright and shiny 2012! 


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